September 7 2023

Randy Slepchik

As Jewitt McLuckie & Associates’ Long Term Disability Benefits specialist, Randy fights insurance companies and employers when they deny disability benefits to workers. He also helps disabled workers return to work with proper accommodations and works with unions to develop strategies that assist and protect disabled workers.

Randy’s practice is focused on getting disability benefits for workers who have been denied their entitlements. Aside from fighting insurance companies to get long term disability benefits for his clients, he regularly appears before the Social Security Tribunal to assist his clients in obtaining the Canada Pension Plan disability pension. Randy also sues insurance companies when they improperly deny loss of use and critical illness benefits.

Along with this insurance litigation practice, Randy also represents Unions in grievance and interest arbitrations. He has successfully represented unions in grievances alleging termination of employment without just cause, unlawful discrimination against disabled employees, improper promotion, denial of disability benefits, policy issues surrounding long term disability benefit plans and other workplace issues. He also assists individual employees who have been wrongfully terminated or who are dealing with discrimination or sexual harassment issues in the workplace.

Randy also likes to play. He travels extensively- recent trips include Italy and British Columbia – and loves running. He is currently and always in training for Ottawa Race Weekend.

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