Union Side Labour Law

Union Side Labour Law

Labour law encompasses all issues related to collective agreement interpretation, grievance arbitration, and safeguarding human rights in the workplace.

Working With Us

Issues that arise in labour law can range from simple grievances to complex litigation that involve multiple parties, the interpretation of different statutes and an increasingly complex intersection of different areas of the law such as privacy rights, the criminal law, human rights law and the interpretation of a vast number of arbitration decisions.  

Jewitt McLuckie & Associates has an impressive reputation for delivering the strength and expertise necessary to advance the rights and causes of unions and their members.  We have built solid relationships with municipal, provincial and national trade unions in the public service, the construction industry, the transportation industry, the entertainment industry, the hospital and long term care sector, the university sector and with staff unions.  

We are committed to ensuring that unions and their members receive their proper recognition and entitlements under the law.  We provide a full range of service to our union clients including:  

  • advising unions on all aspects of collective agreement interpretation,
  • assisting unions with the drafting of grievances,
  • representing unions in all aspect of grievance arbitrations including mediations and arbitrations before federal and provincial private labour arbitrators, the Ontario Labour Relations Board (construction sector) and the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board, 
  • providing advice and assistance to unions during collective bargaining,
  • preparing and presenting written submissions at interest arbitrations including interest arbitrations pursuant to the Hospital Labour Disputes Arbitration Act, 
  • providing advice and assistance to unions during labour disputes,
  • representing unions in labour board hearings including certification applications, unfair labour practice complaints, related / successor employer applications, unlawful strike or picketing applications, health and safety appeals and duty of fair representation complaints,
  • assisting unions with access to information requests, and
  • providing training to shop stewards and union executives on a variety of issues including human rights, the duty to accommodate, harassment, discipline, privacy and a host of other issues. 

At Jewitt McLuckie, we are proud of our ability to negotiate positive outcomes for our clients so that they can avoid costly and time consuming litigation but are also not afraid to litigate issues where there is no way to negotiate a positive outcome.  We have a solid reputation for finding the best solutions to any workplace problem and we are committed to achieving long lasting beneficial results. 

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