November 11 2016

CPP benefits battle gets results for injured worker

One our clients unfortunately suffered severe injuries to both of his hands and could no longer work. He was denied access to Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits, but Randy Slepchik at Jewitt McLuckie & Associates LLP helped him through the appeal process at the Social Security Tribunal. We presented a strong case that showed the extent of our client’s injuries and his lack of qualifications for other more sedentary jobs. Evidence from our client’s physiotherapist and family doctor, as well as an independent medical examination by a surgeon, showed that our client had reached maximal medical recovery and that he would live with his disability for the rest of his life. We successfully showed that our client made substantial and fair efforts to find alternative work, but that his disability was so severe and prolonged that alternative employment was not possible. The result was that our client was awarded his CPP Disability Benefits going back over three years to the time shortly after he was forced to leave work.

The lawyers at JM&A have extensive experience helping clients who have been denied CPP and long-term disability benefits. Contact us today so that we can support you through every step of the claims process.

October 2016 – Denial of Canada Pension Plan Disability Pension

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