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Jewitt McLuckie is an Ottawa-based – Union and Employee side – Labour, Employment, Disability, and Human Rights Law Firm.

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We fight the good fight on your behalf to achieve beneficial long-term gains.

At Jewitt McLuckie & Associates, we are committed to finding creative legal solutions for working people in their relationships with employers. As specialists in labour and human rights, we provide dynamic advocacy and legal representation to unions and employees.

We know that it takes strength and courage to stand up and fight for your workplace and employment rights. If you have a specific problem or concern and need legal advice, please contact us and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can help you.

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Our areas of specialization

Administrative Law

Experienced lawyers adept in administrative tribunal representation.

Human Rights Law

Equal rights upheld: no discrimination or harassment for workers.

Pay Equity

Specialized advice for unions and individuals on complex equal pay principles

Union Side Labour Law

Labour law covers grievances, litigation, statutes, privacy, and human rights.

Employment Law

Work problems cause stress, legal challenges, and financial hardships.

Personal Injury Law

Seek compensation for injuries with specialized personal injury legal support.

Long Term Disability Benefit Denials

Long term disability benefit denials can be devastating and unjust.

Workers Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) Appeals

Experienced lawyers adept in administrative tribunal representation.

JMA News

The latest news, events, and successes within our community

Pay Equity Obligations

In Peel (Regional Municipality) v CUPE, Local 966, (2023)354 L.A.C. (4th), the Union sought a preliminary order directing the Employer to disclose gender incumbency data.  The Employer had …

Landmark HRTO Ruling

In L.N. v Ray Daniel Salon & Spa, 2024 HRTO 179 (CanLII), the Tribunal dealt with an application alleging discrimination in employment based on sex, sexual harassment, sexual solicitations or …

Fighting to ensure union members receive their full entitlement to LTD Benefits

Randy Slepchik successfully represented CUPE 503 in an “LTD Offset” policy grievance filed against the City of Ottawa.  The Union grieved that the Employer was improperly counting time spent by …

Jurisdiction win

Dina Mashayekhi defeated a preliminary motion brought by Carleton University when it tried to argue that Arbitrator Kevin Burkett had no jurisdiction to make a determination about a salary …