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If you are an employee or a union member, your labour and employment rights need to be protected. Our first priority is to safeguard these rights for you.

At Jewitt McLuckie & Associates, we are committed to finding creative legal solutions for working people in their relationships with employers. As specialists in labour and human rights, we provide dynamic advocacy and legal representation to unions and employees.

We know that it takes strength and courage to stand up and fight for your workplace and employment rights. We fight the good fight on your behalf to achieve beneficial long-term gains.

The materials on this web site are intended to provide you with information about our firm as well as some general information regarding the labour and employment law issues that we regularly assist our clients with.  It is not intended to provide you with legal advice.  If you have a specific problem or concern and need legal advice, please contact any one of our lawyers as they would be happy to meet with you to discuss how Jewitt McLuckie & Associates may be able to help you.


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In nature, there are relationships built on trust and understanding, where a mutual respect is found to solve problems. Jewitt McLuckie & Associates builds those kind of relationships with their clients.