Jewitt McLuckie and Associates is proud to announce we are supporting a leave of absence for our associate Jaime Lefebvre to help fight COVID-19 with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). For the past 27 years, Jaime has been a medic with the Primary Reserves in the Canadian Armed Forces. The Primary Reserves are mostly part-time members of the Canadian Armed Forces, typically serving evenings and weekends. The Canadian Armed Forces has sent a call out to Primary Reservists to assist with their pandemic response mission, Operation Laser (Op Laser).

On March 13th, 2020 the Chief of Defence Staff activated the Phase 3 of Op Laser which is designed to respond to the impact of the widespread and continuous transmission of the virus in the general population. Jaime Lefebvre is going to work full time in support of Op Laser and we are safeguarding her job until she returns.  We want to acknowledge the significant sacrifice Jaime is making as she has a young family and a spouse in the military as well.  The Canadian Armed Forces is currently preparing to assist all levels of government upon request in the fight against COVID-19, and JMA would like to encourage other employers to support their Primary Reservists in this call.

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